About Me



I´m Rowan.

I used to be pretty different.

Then, I had an important realization. I realized that the years I was living as female, I was never happy. Intimacy was hard, my body felt really awkward, kind of like it didn´t belong to me. So when time came, I had a gender clinic intake, and started TRT*.

Testosterone was like a miracle. Looking back I´m still so glad I made that decision. My face started changing, and physically I became a little stronger – my energy levels went up and I felt more confident than I had ever been. But most dramatically, my mindset changed.

In time, I felt myself thinking more and more “like a dude”. I had never been, and will never be, the feminine type – I was androgynous, a lot more boyish than most chicks, and I was interested in different things. On T, this process sped up, changing me dramatically.

This blog is about the challenges I encountered, and overcame. I wrote about the decisions I made – the when, the why and the how – and the process of physical, mental and social transition. On the side, I document things that happen along the way, such as hobbies and work.

I hope that readers get a sense of understanding from it, a glimpse into the world of transition, and a glimpse into my world. It´s my goal to provide some entertainment and inspiration, and encouragement to those who are facing similar battles in transition.

Archive 2016
Archive 2017
Archive 2018

*Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Last update 12.18.


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