Common Misconceptions

“You can easily identify trans* people”.

Trust me, you can´t. If you think I am your only friend who is trans, you might want to think again. Some people “pass” without hormones (that is, they are recognized as the gender they actually are), and some people change immensely on hormones. This applies equally to transmen and transwomen.

“Trans* identity is related to sexuality”.

People often assume that I like women because I identify as a guy. That makes no sense. This society isn´t made up out of purely heterosexual people and so trans* identified people aren´t always purely heterosexual either. I don´t like women more than I did before. It is possible for hormones to change your sexual preferences, but not always the case.

“You want to become someone else”.

People who have difficulty with the idea of me transitioning are often afraid that I want to “become something else” than I already am. The unspoken misconception seems to be that I am female and can live with that, but want to experiment. The truth is that I am male and want my body to match. No change in personality.

“I never thought of you as manly”.

I adressed this shortly in my post “you don´t seem trans”. You don´t have to be an ubermega machoman to feel like a guy and you don´t need to feel like an ultragirly girlfriend to feel like a girl. Your interests have very little to do with it – and as I said before, culture often teaches us to behave in a way that fools us and others.


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