Gender is Fluid

If I were to make a comprehensive list of all the different ways that gender can express itself, I´d be busy for a good while and I´d probably also need some kind of gender dictionary to note the variations I haven´t heard of. What I want to talk about is the fluidity of gender. Conceptions of gender are changing in our society, albeit slowly. More and more celebrities are also coming out of the closet as “genderqueer“.

Ruby Rose for example, the chick who starred in Orange is the New Black (and who I consider to be very attractive) says she´s got no trouble being in a female body (so, no gender dysphoria) but she doesn´t feel exclusively female. To this end she sometimes wears a packer and a binder as in the video below. Another girl who´s come out as genderfluid quite recently is Miley Cirus.

Ruby Rose was key in my first coming out as genderqueer and later as trans*. It felt incredibly liberating that I didn´t have to let my body (and the way everyone perceived me because of said body) define who I was anymore. The trouble with the gender binary is that is consists of perceived gender, which is different than actual gender diversity in nature. To say that the gender binary is universal, is to exclude a large group of people.

People who are born with variations in chromosomes, hormones, or primary sex traits, are seen as “abnormalities”. People who are born intersex are “corrected” in their infancies, even when being intersex in and of itself isn´t a health threat. Being corrected randomly by your parents (deciding “what” you´ll be) is rather traumatic and can lead to serious mental health problems later on.

Sadly we live in a world where gender diversity is not yet recognized, even though it´s all around us and can even be found in the animal kingdom – in the same way that the animal kingdom is not exclusively binary, heterosexual, and monogamous. To end my little speech here is Ryan Cassata to brighten your day with a song about the gender binary.


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