Soul Searching: Intro

Back in August (2015), I recorded a videolog for the sake of thinking out loud, reflecting, and to have comparison material later on in the process of soul searching. Since these are all quite experimental and not exactly high quality, I plan to process these into posts rather than becoming the next trans* youtuber.

If you are still questioning your gender identity, and whether or not you can transition (or not) while still staying yourself (or if you are just curious) you can read along with me. I intend to publicate a few of the transcripts every week – or I might just publicize them all at once, if I´m feeling driven. You´ll be able to find them all under the category “Soul Searching”.

I find that many times trans* identified people (and possibly anyone who does not define themselves as such, but is non-binary) run into similar questions and issues once they start questioning theirselves and their position in society. There´s a plethora of youtube vlogs to be found, but there are only a few of them that deal exclusively with the process of questioning.

If you are reading along and you find you have questions or would like to discuss anything with me, don´t hesitate to leave your thoughs in the comment section.


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