The Dysphoria Trap


Today I want to write a little bit about how to deal with dysphoria. I´ve been on countless threads across the inter-webs that were dealing with this exact question, and most were focusing on distractions. They said to focus on a hobby or watch your favorite series, stuff like that. That did not help for me – at all. Fact of the matter is distraction is a way of not dealing with it.

Dysphoria really differs from person to person, so in your case it might work, and you should definitely just do what feels right for you. For me dysphoria grew from a little thing to this humongous, overwhelming monster and to tell you the truth, distractions weren´t helping – because the dysphoria itself was distracting me from my distractions. Time to look for a better solution.

What´s important to know is this. Discomfort with your body is a very real thing which is perceived through the mind. As I keep repeating in others posts, perception can act as a foci or magnifying lens. I ended up in a place where I was so bent on finding practical solutions to the dysphoria, that dysphoria started to take over my entire world.

My hyper focus ended up in a hypersensitivity where I´d be aware of every single thing, I´m not kidding, even fabric friction with skin. So what do you do if you´re stuck in a dysphoria loop where it just keeps getting to new levels every time? If you´re in too deep, distraction might not work. Time to dis-associate the dysphoria from mental patterns.

The mental pattern associated with dysphoria, most of the time, is “this isn´t me“, “this isn´t my body“, and/or “my body is betraying who I am“. These thoughts sometimes are subconscious – so natural to you that you´re unaware of thinking them. It takes some practice, but you can stop them and think nothing instead. This is what I did.

For example, when visiting the toilet, the thought could be “I don´t want this“. Try to not have a thought about it at all. It works the same as in meditation – observation without thought. Practice this, and it will become easier with time; if all goes well, you will notice the dysphoria release its grip on you to an extent.


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