2nd 1st Appointment


I had arrived plenty early in Assen, so I sat around killing some time in the waiting room and made small talk with another patient, who had noticed my purple and bruised toes sticking out of the cast. A dark haired guy was walking around and I figured he was probably the therapist that had been mentioned to me, who would walk me through all the talks and any evaluations.

He introduced himself and helped me wheel my chair to another room, which was big enough to host a dinner party for thirty. He sat on the other side of a worn-out table and asked me some questions about the intake, while urging me not to worry about making tea stains on its flaky surface. He seemed very laid back and I was surprised at the ease with which he approached the conversation.

I told him a little bit about the stuff I did, where I lived, my hobbies, and what had brought me switch to their practice instead of sticking it out with the previous clinic. When asked the usual questions about my expectations from them, I simply said “I already know I´m a guy. It´s up to you to come to that conclusion as well, and I really don´t know how long it´ll take you“.

He laughed. “I feel like I´m talking to a guy“, he said.”We just need to get you through some standard procedures before you can move on.” He told me I could have an appointment as frequently as every week, he´d schedule my psychiatric evaluations and he´d get to seeing if there was some way I could have my gender and official name changed anytime soon. All in all very positive news.

If I could have two sessions-in-one every week, that meant that the speed of my transition would about be tenfold the speed it would have been at the VUMC. It was also important to me that I didn´t feel like I was talking to a therapist. Rather, I felt like I was talking to a guy with a sense of humor, who didn´t mind cracking jokes at being gay or about the girls cackling in the hallway.

Although I do not look forward to more traveling with the Dutch Railways in a wheelchair (I´ll be in a an Aircast Boot for another three weeks), I do look forward to getting to know this guy better and moving forward in my transition.


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