Transition Explained III


In this third (and last) part of “Transition Explained” I want to give a little attention to the aspects of transition that are related to the individual way in which everyone transitions, and the emotional as well as mental transformation that takes place alongside the physical one. Much too often, transition seems like an A-B-C process, where A automatically leads to B, but this is rarely the case.

The best way to comprehend why transition is so different for everyone, is to understand that in the first place transition is a search for those aspects of gender that really, really match the person in question. Sure, they decided to transition, that´s a big step. It means they realized something about themselves – but that doesn´t mean they´re done. After all,  our entire lives are about searching for truth, the truth of who we are.

So while they might´ve decided that they´re trans, non binary, gender-queer, gender neutral, there is no one ready-made recipe for how they should transition. Consequently, transition involves self-reflection, and sometimes, it involves trial and error (going on hormones, deciding to stop for a while, maybe later resume). In any case, transitioning forces you to consider your feelings every step of the way.

That having been said, hormones themselves influence the way we think and feel in a way that most people aren´t aware of (simply because it seems self-evident). There was a time when I thought men and women aren´t really that different, and in some ways, that is  true. However as I´ve moved more and more towards the male spectrum, there have been slow changes in my way of thinking and perceiving the world.

If my way of thinking has changed solely because I´ve moved along the gender spectrum, imagine what can happen if you throw hormones in the mix. Without a doubt, the way I experience the world, and the way I feel about a lot of things, will be fundamentally different from the ways in which I experienced the world a year ago (when I still thought of myself as gender fluid).

To sum up, transition is a big adventure. It´s time consuming, different for everyone, and quite confrontational in the sense of finding out what you´re all about. It can be difficult, tiresome, sometimes even daunting. But think about it. How amazing is it, that we can journey along the gender spectrum, and cast aside the binary?


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