PGAD/Priapism & Being Trans

This post has explicit medical content and could be triggering to those who have difficulty discussing the inner workings of their junk.


This is a genuinely horrifying topic, and one I would rather ban into oblivion. But I think it needs to be talked about. Because I´ve searched on Google and searched some more, and I can´t find a single story by a transgender* individual who has suffered or is suffering  from this condition. If there is anyone out there who is suffering from this and is transgender, I want to reach out to them.

PGAD is an abbreviation for “Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder“. It sounds like the disease of someone with an hyper sexuality disorder would have, but is different in that people who have PGAD don´t experience arousal. Their genitals simply make up their own mind. In individuals who are assigned female at birth, it´s often just referred to as PGAD, in individuals who are assigned male at birth it´s called Priapism (wiki link here).

In female bodied individuals the symptoms translate into strange sensations (like stinging), swelling, throbbing and excretions. In male bodied individuals, priapism induces erections that last too long and can be painful. It makes sense that this topic is extremely difficult to talk about. Also, people might not recognize it as PGAD, and either pin it on themselves, or think of it as a strange and relentless yeast infection.

In cis-gendered individuals, PGAD can lead to depression and suicidal tendencies (cases of suicide related to this condition are known, ask me for references). When PGAD gets especially bad, there´s next to nothing you can do, and worse is it´s so overwhelming that you can´t sleep because of it, you can´t sit because of it, you can´t lie down because of it. Nothing seems to help against this affliction from hell.

What makes it even more troublesome is PGAD can worsen dysphoria in two ways. First, all sites on the internet will gender you based on your genitals. Second, for transgender people who already have a troublesome relationship with their bodies, this condition can be the noose on the gallows. As I mentioned, there are cases of suicide committed by people who ordinarily felt at home in their assigned sex.


Please share my post if you think it could help anyone. People suffering from this condition will often not be very inclined to talk about it, or they won´t even know what it is and think that they´re just imagining things, or blame themselves. I would very much like to spread awareness, and I will dedicate one of my next posts to the alleviation of PGAD/Priapism in transgender individuals.


3 thoughts on “PGAD/Priapism & Being Trans

    1. Hi Alison.

      Thanks for your question. I´d like to warn you against leaving your telephone number on wordpress, considering that people might take advantage of it. About priapism: I´m FTM, not sure if your daughter is MTF (female to male). In any case, for me the priapism has stopped when I started taking testosterone and I also supplement with magnesium (which I heard is helpful) and zinc.


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