Mental Illness & Not Transitioning


Sam Dylan Finch writes about the difficulties of individuals who want to transition yet also suffer from mental health issues. To me, this seems like a reinforcement of the already existing tendency to treat transgender individuals in a rather patronizing way, assuming that they need protection from themselves.

Naturally this consideration is in place. But seeing that NOT transitioning can further complicate mental health problems and depression, it seems that even the transgender person with mental health problems should have a right to try a higher dose of hormones with the possibility of going back on a lower dose.

How much sense does it make, that psychiatrists would prescribe medications with severe side effects for mental health in a matter of seconds, but would not consider giving transgender individuals a chance to feel more like themselves?

Let's Queer Things Up!

Nearly seven months ago, I made the decision to start testosterone as a part of my gender transition.

I remember feeling so overjoyed that this part of my journey was beginning. The torment of being in a body that caused me so much distress, and being misgendered left and right adding salt to my wounds, made HRT not just a desire of mine but a real necessity.

If you’d asked me where I’d be by now, my self of seven months ago would talk about how high my dose would be, all the changes that would be happening, my desired date for top surgery (would it be September? December?), and how I’d be so much closer to the body I needed to have – closer than I’d ever been.

But none of that is true. In fact, I’m almost exactly where I started.

I’m still here because my testosterone dosage is only half…

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