Going to the GP


Long ago, when I was still waiting on the gender clinic in Amsterdam to let me know when I could start, I wrote a lengthy letter to my GP. I explained to her how the waiting time – which was unspecified and according to the things I hear from friends, only getting longer – was exacerbating my seasonal depression in a very bad way. I said that the depression was detrimental for my health and that starting with hormones might help.

She and her team considered my letter but decided not to do anything. Technically, general practitioners in this country are allowed to prescribe hormones, and I have heard of a few mythical creatures that actually do (but I have failed to localize them – to this day I cannot confirm if their existence is true). Most of them are very afraid of not knowing what they are doing, even though they could easily inform themselves about it.

… Anyhow. As you know I ended up leaving the gender clinic in Amsterdam and exchanging them for a different one, in Assen. Despite the team in Assen being much more open and easygoing, they still adhere to a protocol that so far has only damaged my well-being. For this reason I decided to start on hormones myself. I could order them from the pharmacy online – from a site that found some loopholes in the law – or buy from friends.

In the meantime I have the hormones. Very rational and sensible as I am, I have not touched them (believe me, it was torture – to have a dose of testosterone so nearby but refraining from using it). First, I am going back to the GP. Although they told me that they would not prescribe, they did say that they would help check my blood values if I decided to start by myself. So there you go. I´m holding them to it.

It took a little bit of time, but I´ve figured out exactly what kinds of things I need to be tested, and these are the following; complete blood count (RBC, WBC, HGB, HCT, MCV), liver function tests (ALT, AST, GGT), liver health (LDH, AF), kidney function (EUC, Natrium, Kalium), clotting (PT), blood sugar (Glucose, BSC), hormones (Test, Oes, FSH, LH, Prolactine) C- reactive proteine (CRP) and cholesterol (HDL, LDL, Triglycerides).

I will have them check the list with Assen and an independent endocrinologist just to be sure. I am quite confident this will not be a problem – I have very robust arguments that I should get this test. One, my physical and mental health. Second, Assen said that they wouldn´t oppose my hormone use. Third, my hormones are already messed up, and they need to be checked. I wonder how long this will take!


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