“How To” Intro


My blog now has a couple of sections, among which looser categories (like Biographic and Opinion) and more specific ones like A Closer Look (in which I attempt to explain aspects of transition) and Transgender Care (dedicated to the nature of transgender healthcare as it is and possible improvements that could be made). There´s a section I´ve been wanting to add for a while, but did not get to yet.

Obviously, guides on “how to” already abound on the web (like for example, the wonderful Hudson´s Guide), and for many specific questions you can just log into Susan´s Place and ask away. Still, I find that there´s many people around me who are wondering how to connect with a transgender community in their region, how to pass as male, how to relate to cisgender guys or girls, or how to approach dating.

For the sake of my writing outline I will start with some of the issues that people encounter first (how do I know I´m really transgender, how do I come out to my family, how do I pass as male), then move on towards more practical concerns (how do I choose where to transition, what approach to transition is best for me), and later on questions that relate to the gender clinics and medical transition itself.

Since it has been important for me, I will also address how to transition safely if you are deciding to deviate from the official paths (not recommended, but I want people to be able to make an informed decision). As I write, I will be adding the links to new posts below this one, so you´ll have an overview of all the “How To” posts and pick the one you want to read (rather than having to scroll through Archives).


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