Urinary Troubles (FTM)

urinary trouble

I don´t know about transwomen, but I´ve heard a lot of stories from transguys developing urinary problems because they were shunning their downstairs region, or because they were feeling horrible about using public bathrooms. Chase made a good video about it recently in which he explains the different kind of downstairs trouble transguys can run into and what to do about it.

He deals with UTI´s (which can end up causing bladder and, if in an advanced stage, kidney infections) as well as yeast and bacterial infections, all very disturbing happenings that we don´t like to talk about very much. However – as Chase explains – not paying attention to it at all also means risking even more unsettling experiences (such as having to deal with catheters for two months while on testosterone).

Another thing that he doesn´t talk about in this video, but is also highly disturbing and extremely uncomfortable, is stress incontinence. This type of incontinence occurs when  sneezing, coughing or sudden movement places stress on the area and can be caused by different habits, such as not voiding your bladder completely. Your chances of this are higher if you control your stream excessively and STP.

I read in a couple of places that stress incontinence can also be related to hormones (it tends to happen more in ciswomen whose estrogen levels have plummeted after menopause). There is no conclusive evidence that HRT (estrogen replacement) actually improves stress incontinence in all cases though, and there is no research for trans guys on testosterone that I know of.

If you are like me and you hate to urinate because it makes you dysphoric, even when standing, it might be a better idea to try and relax your bladder and address the mental dysphoria instead, such as I have explained in this post. Most of the time dysphoria will place an enormous focus on one part of your body, and if you can train yourself to not focus on it so much, the whole experience will be easier.


2 thoughts on “Urinary Troubles (FTM)

  1. Thank you for the article! This is the only one I found that deals with stress incontinence in trans guys. I’m deeply ashamed to admit it but I suffer from it myself. There’s nothing more humiliating than trying to lift something heavy (perhaps in an attempt to prove you’re strong enough to do it) – and suddenly be brutally reminded that you’re a female, that your muscles “down there” are weak and that you have such a typically-female problem. I get extremely dysphoric when I think about it and I don’t have the courage to see a professional.


    1. You´re welcome Eitan. I hate to hear that you´re suffering from this too but glad to hear that I could help if only a little bit. I also usually get extremely dysphoric when this happens and also had a lot of trouble bringing this up with a doc.

      For me stress incontinence was related to partial urinary retention. Meaning that the bladder has a tendency not to void completely. I have this problem more when I´m anxious, and certain types of medication can have this side-effect too (they are usually on the instructions for use.

      Maybe if you have or find a really cool GP it won´t be too difficult to discuss. I got to know my own GP better and trust her more now. She´s pretty cool about this stuff and careful not to make me more dysphoric. Maybe you can find someone like that.

      If you want to ask anything you can contact me through the “get in touch” link above.


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