How to Blog


A while ago one of my readers asked how to succesfully operate a blog. Or something in that style. I remember deleting the comment because it had a link to an advertising page in it – something about promotions. And though I won´t allow advertising on my site that isn´t hosted by WordPress, today I´ll take a look at what makes great content and how to run it.

Starting a blog on WordPress or similar blogging platform (like Blogger) is fairly easy. Unlike people who build their own website and host it on their own server, WordPress gives you a blank slate on which you can begin to write right away. You make a profile, pick a theme, and if you have some cash to spare, you can buy your own domain name and get rid of ads.

The theme you pick really depends on the image you want your blog to have. Most of them are customizable, which means that you can edit the font, edit the banner, and maybe the background. What is important for me is that the site be easily readable, devoid of any annoying pop-ups or distractions, basically read like an e-book. I usually insert just one picture.

Everyone is different though. How I write is based on what I want as a reader. I loathe enormous chunks of text and things bouncing in my face telling me to subscribe – those things are red flags for me. Think about what people want and about the presentation of the topics you write about. If you blog about traveling, there might be less text but more pictures and media.

Make sure any text you insert has good spelling and is easy to read. Personally, I like to write the words in their entirety (no abbreviations), running a spell-checker and making use of an online thesaurus while I write. This way, I can look up synonyms (and sometimes antonyms) to convey exactly what I want, and in the process learn some new things. I proof read before I publish.

That´s the basics. If you have that covered, I think you are good to go. Come back regularly and try writing even when you think you have nothing to say – you´ll find that once you jump-start that creativity, it will be easier to keep coming up with ideas and interesting things to write about. If you have any tips for me or for other bloggers, leave your thoughts below!


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