Three Milestones


I am feeling super festive! As of the moment I publish this post, I will have one-hundred posts on Androgendernaut. On average, my posts are about 450 words – which means that I have written about 45.000 words since March 2016 on the topic of gender and transition. Not including all the drafts that I begun to write and haven´t published.

This is an amazing milestone for me, and to top it off, as of today I have exactly fifty followers on WordPress, not including my dear friends and family from Facebook, who check in every now and then to follow my genderventures. I just want to say, I appreciate all of you, whether I have personally met you or not. You have been awesome!

At this time, I am approaching the anniversary of my coming out (Monday, October 12, 2015) and I have received nothing but support. I remember my coming out like the day I first took command of a plane (the 13th of April 2013), and much like that date, it has been one of the most dramatic and significant changes I have made in my life.

It has been a struggle, and a total pain in the ass – but I´ve grown so much closer to the people I care about and have been embraced by a fantastic new community of other gender non-conforming types. Every day I continue to discover new aspects of my new-found self, and every day I am surprised by the possibilities.

The struggles may be tough, but as I grow more secure with my identity – and discover my body in a new light thanks to the change in hormones – I grow more positive and hopeful for the future. There isn´t a doubt in my heart that things will only get better from here and that I will continue to exponentially grow as a person and as a soul.

If you ever find yourself in a shitty place, please think of me and reach out to me. With all the bizarre aspects of life, there is always a better place to be headed. There is always that jump that you can take to liberate yourself and let go of fear, let go of old patterns, let go of people who are holding you back. You can do it.



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