Two Months on T


I´m feeling a little shitty today. Like, not terribly, but the kind of tired you get around fifteen, when you just want to hang out, eat chips, and watch a movie. On sunday I had a dear family member come over, and it was great. My vocal chords however got kind of angry at me, and so I am walking around today with sore throat (thankfully I had nothing planned).

People are starting to notice the drop in my voice, although few dare comment on it, or maybe it just seems normal to them. One of them thought that maybe I had deepened my voice intentionally. I did speak in a lower key before I started hormones, but back then, that was as far as I could go. I could never have reached the bass I now have in the morning.

I did not write about the physical changes that have been happening, and I have quite a few to report, among which a freaky increase in body hair – especially around the belly button. The blonde peach hair on my hands, arms, legs and upper lip is gradually darkening, although not nearly so much that it can be seen by others.

The patchy goatee that I had pre testosterone has not changed, but my jaw has squared out so much that I can shave and still pass without a problem, which is pretty great. After a grotesque affair in which shaving gel was flung around all inches of my room (pressurized can) I bought a shaving brush and soap, the same type my dad used when I was a kid.

My physical constituency has changed in that I now have less the body of a cheerleader and more that of a growing teen. My arms and belly are more muscular – to be fair I have been working out quite a bit (but never achieved the same results back when I was eh… “all natural”). I had gained some weight (7kg) but after a bad anxiety week, it dropped again.

As far as downtown goes things have changed too, and I am happy about that. Although the difference feels a bit funny from time to time, and I have to get used to the sensation, it does help with my dysphoria. Even though my libido has not changed much (it skyrockets from time to time and is absent at others), the experience is certainly different.


9 thoughts on “Two Months on T

  1. As with feminine stereotypes, allot of male stereotypes are bullshit. I refer to the atrocious razor. Don’t use those fucking things unless you absolutely have to: they’re terrible on your skin. Get an electric razor. Quicker, cleaner, cheaper, easier on your skin.

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    1. I actually like my razor though. It´s not some macho thing I´ve got going on, it just works well… 🙂 I might get an electric one when I need to shave more often. Thanks for the tip!


  2. Em. For peach fuzz, a blade -may- be superior: lacking integrity, the strands may be crushed rather than make their way into the electric razor’s slots.

    That aside, I have a Great Uncle.. must be around 70 by now. He’s been using razor’s all his life. You can see, especially in the side-burn area, veins near the surface of his skin. That’s due to decades of peeling skin off with razors. Those things are antiquated relics, primarily.


      1. Never know. Though I should mention that.. electric razors can come with a little attachment that flips open and cuts – great for peach fuzz and trim-work. Mine, a Philips Norelco 7315xl, has such a thing.

        Very old model though.. must be near 8+ years old now. 40-50 bucks at the time. Still going strong, and I’ve only replaced its blades once. I don’t have a fullfaced beard however.

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  3. Hi! I’ve been following you here for a while but have never commented. I’m enjoying your posts a great deal! Though I am transitioning in the opposite direction as you, we are in the same time frames where hormones are concerned. What an amazing journey! And thank you for writing about your experience. I’ve decided to start chronicling as well. 🙂

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    1. Hi! I´m glad you are enjoying the posts! Yes, it is amazing… amazing and overwhelming sometimes haha. It´s interesting you are at more or less the same transition time frame. I will be checking out your story!

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      1. Yup! I’ve been on androgen inhibitors for 2.5 months now and tomorrow is the appointment to go over options for E. Fingers crossed. Oral estrogen is hard on the heart but is the most cost effective. So I had to await the results of a stress test. Basically being put on a tread mill and run until your HR is about 180. 🙂

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