Binders Galore


I was just reminded this is what cispeople think of when you say “binders”. They would probably think of people who organize their paperwork into really neat categories and have them alphabetically stored on their bookshelf. In Dutch they are called “ordners”, but I don´t use them anymore – not since everything went digital.

This isn´t a post about ordners though. It´s a review about the answer to a problem I´ve been having – namely how to bind in different situations. You´ve got binders for every day activities, which would predominantly be GC2b and Underworks, and some manufacturers on the side you might have never heard of (Like Danae here in the Netherlands).

But what about sports? And what about people who are dysphoric at night, and so they wear their binder to bed with (possibly) shitty repercussions? That´s what I was wondering. For a long time, I wore “Extreme MagiCotton Sports and Binding Bra” (ouch, how I hate that term), which you can find here (Underworks site).

It has great reviews. However the one I got was impossibly small. Either I got my measurements wrong, or they got their measurements wrong (I recommend going up one size). Unfortunately this was quite some time ago, so I can´t double check. Either way, I cut the thing in the back and I sewed on bands of Velcro so I could still wear it.

It worked great for about eight months. Unfortunately after this it was so worn-out that further “customization” took all the elasticity out of the thing. I also wore it at night, with the velcro tape sitting very loosely, yet after a while my rib cage started to hurt quite a lot and I realized I´d better get rid of the thing and look for a different solution.

I heard a lot of good things about GC2B, so I bought a binder there. I bought a medium this time but was still worried, considering the last binder had turned out way too small. It cost about twice the original price and arrived after a month, both shipping and customs considered. I can get it on, but I can still feel pressure on my rib cage.

Read more about my binderventures in Part II.


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