Binders Galore II


As promised, the second part of my review about the binders I´ve tried. After buying different kinds of solutions, (one for sports, one for sleeping, the smallish GC2B binder and my old binder, I can make some sort of comparison and see which ones are the most effective for which activity – in my case, anyhow.

I´ll start with sports reviewing this binder. It´s made by a company in Amsterdam, I do believe they ship worldwide. If you are handy with a sewing machine and fabric, you might want to consider making your own, since the price (Eur 54,95 plus shipping, not including customs) is quite steep. You can fasten it in the front with a strap and then zip it up.

According to the description of their website, it´s meant to do sports in and so it isn´t completely surprising that it doesn´t bind completely. When I went running today I could still see some round curves going on, which I covered up by wearing a men´s compression shirt (Under Armour), a long sleeve shirt and a shirt on top with horizontal stripes.

The running went fine and my rib cage is okay so I feel that this is a good product. The strap inside is adjustable, so choosing to get a bigger size (for less compression) would probably be no problem. Next, I ordered a tank top sort of thing from them, which I thought maybe I could try for sleeping, since it is adjustable.

I ordered an M, but I find that for sleeping it´s still too tight. Also, it does not bind one bit for me, so I suggest you buy something else if you´re looking to bind during daytime. I think adding adjustable hooks and eyelids on either side, rather than just the one side, would help to relieve stress on just one side of the ribcage and torso.

Last but not least I still have my worn out “pimped” binder, or “whatever remains from that underworks top I got a year ago”. I´m absolutely terrible at sowing and have no fashion sense whatsoever, which is why I won´t post a pic of it, but I will post a drawing. The materials (very poorly chosen) are denim, I don´t recommend that.

If you ever want to try to make your own binder like the one I designed, I suggest you use something sturdy in the front (like denim) and something more flexible in the back, like spandex (no elastic because you risk injuring your upper back). The inside is padded with one of my old tank tops, and I made sure enough space is left for the upper back.

Check out my awesome drawing:



7 thoughts on “Binders Galore II

  1. I have this love-hate relationship with my binders. Love ‘m (the good ones, that is) because they do the job, hate them because saying they’re uncomfortable has to be the understatement of the year. It’s not that they’re too tight or anything, but they make my skin itch and burn. Same problem I used to have with bras back when I was still impersonating as a woman.
    Thankfully, with my size zero I don’t usually need a binder, but when I do, I’m screwed.

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    1. You need to try and wear a tank top under your binder. I do it all the time (because I would sweat a lot in the darn things). Also, my binder stays way more clean that way: so I just take the binder off, put my tank top in the loundry, put a clean tank on and the binder back on, voila.

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      1. I’ve considered doing that, and so far dismissed the thought. In my case, it might actually make my skin issues worse, but then again, I’ll never know until I try.

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