Are you Mad?


Few have captured madness as well as the creators of The Elder Scrolls. This cheese-loving maniac, also known as the Prince of Madness, is the chief in command of a confusing and treacherous world known as “The Asylums” or “The Shivering Isles”. He is in and out of control of this realm, which is divided into “Mania” and “Dementia”.

As a demigod or supernatural entity (also known as a “Daedra”), he can manifest himself in the realm of mortals at will and often does so by creating situations where his victims are subject to the most bizarre choices, if they want to retain some degree of mental sanity. The principle is that all Mortals can go mad and be fooled by Sheogorath.

In our world, mortals often like to divide themselves into neat and separate categories. For the purpose of understanding behavior, and the motives behind behavior, we assume that most of us are normal, while there are a few exceptions who are not, and who have (naturally) received some type of label from a therapist or a psychologist.

Were you to visit the Shivering Isles and inform Sheogorath of this madness, he would no doubt laugh in your face and then proceed to bombard you with cheese wheels until you dropped to your knees. He would inform you that all creatures are mad; and that anybody who thinks they are completely sane, are living in a delusion of their own.

The contradiction and the madness of insanity is that it is at the same time delusional and yet it breaches delusions; it shatters any confidence that people might have in the workings of their own mind and therefore they start to understand that sanity is relative; that the mind of everybody is like the Shivering Isles, with mania and dementia.

I´ve had friends tell me that their own behaviors and thoughts worried them, have had them tell me about the bizarre experiences they had while completely sober and while on (soft) drugs; and how they thought they might qualify for this or that diagnosis. There is nobody on this planet that has a complete absence of these traits.

We are all mad in this place, and maybe if we understood this, we would be less frightened of individuals who are further gone, those who don´t live in the same realms that we do, and those who vacation between realms from time to time. It is only by being rather nuts, that we can expand our reality and explore the unknown.


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