What Matters Most


I don´t even know where to start writing today. Even though very little has actually changed in my life so far (actually, nothing really changed), we are all going through a lot of conflicting and intense emotions. Usually I get along with everybody pretty great, but just now, I almost got into a fight with someone over an issue that hits close to home.

He´d posted a link on Facebook about transgender suicides going up as a result of the presidential election. My reaction was to get angry. I commented (not very thoughtfully so), that ending your own life over someone as insulting as Trump is not a very good reason. My friend then called me an asshole and told me that I lack empathy.

I guess he was right about the lack of empathy in my comment. I got angry because it hurts. Because I wish that people wouldn´t end their own lives because of this. After all, there are things that matter more than Trump. Like our friends, our community, our family. The ones who understand us and love us, and hope that we´re okay.

I understand it when I think about it for just one second. When you are feeling like all is hopeless and then something like Trump happens, it might be the last straw. The last drop. I wish that I could reach out to these people and tell them that Trump, and most of all his completely ignorant statements, is just a bad joke.

I can´t take him seriously. To me he´s a man with a big ego who goes around boasting about stuff that nobody thinks are honorable or even mildly respectable. Until he actually puts his actions into words and shows us what kind of president he´ll be, I don´t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth.

The experience is frightening, I´ll admit that. If you are feeling like shit because of this, please hang in there. Know that you have friends, even if you feel alone, we´re here to help each other as a community. Reach out if you´re scared. And don´t listen to emotional hotheads like me. I will try to keep it together.


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