I´m with Stupid


I just watched a 30:00 minutes long feature about the site where I usually order testosterone. I felt the episode, albeit on a pretty good network, was incredibly biased – the final verdict implied that no one should ever buy anything from online services, even if you are completely sure that these cooperate with legit pharmacies.

The site starred in the episode is one that only operates here (in the Netherlands) and is able to do so because their main team is based in Curacao, their doctors are worldwide (England, mainly) and products are bought and shipped from pharmacies in Germany (which is why I get mine complete with German instructions).

In the episode, four hosts – two young guys and two girls – order random medication from the website and infiltrate the service-desk in Curacao in order to discover the “masterminds” behind this operation. One of the products they order is testosterone gel. One of the girls pretends to rub the product on the body of her male co-host.

I fail to understand if they were merely pretending, but I hope so – the quantities they used were absurd, she touched it with her bare hands (an idiotic idea for a ciswoman) and distributed it on places where it´s not supposed to go, including the face. Later on, said co-host glues on a bunch of extra hair, pretending it´s a side effect.

He phones the help-desk and asks for a doctor, saying that he´s feeling really shitty. Unsurprisingly, nobody there can help him. His female co-host (the one who rubbed the gel on him) then calls the pharmacy in Germany, demanding that they be referred to a doctor who can help them. The pharmacy tells them they cannot help either.

Finally, the team flies to Curacao and visits the help-desk, shows them his glued on patches of “side effect hair” and gets kicked out. Their conclusion is that online services such as these are a big scam and that the doctors posing to have any knowledge about the medication they are selling are irresponsible, if not morally reprehensible.

The fact they choose to happily ignore, is that in our country, not all medicine is readily available (even when direly needed) – and that buyers have a responsibility of their own to consult with their own practitioner, run routine check-ups and have any blood testing done if needed. Intelligent users are left out of the picture altogether.


One thought on “I´m with Stupid

  1. Just watched it too. I agree with you. The ones who are really behaving reprehensible, are the hosts. Honestly, if they wish to be taken seriously, the might consider to quit behaving like total morons first. That might help.

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