Surviving PMS

I´ll to attempt to give you some insight in the techniques that I use to deal with PMS. Let me first say that the technique that I use to PMS really is a technique that you can apply to everything that brings you out of balance, from a shocking event to “sponsored” Facebook posts. Let me then say that my PMS is characterized by intense emotional discomfort.

While PMS often has a physical cause, for example – lack of progesterone prior to shark week – it might not immediately be possible do something about it (like in my case), and other times some experimentation with different types of medication is required before you find something that really works. In the meantime, you need to survive it and remain sane.

What I have noticed most about this type of PMS, is that it encourages thoughts which are similar to people who are kicking off from certain kinds of drugs, such as amphetamines. The style of thinking is very negative, overly monochrome, for example “everybody hates me”, and “such and so did something that hurt me”. The tendency is to feel victimized and angry.*

Unlike amphetamines, moods can also swing to the complete opposite end of the spectrum… making you feel like an adorable unicorn that would fall in love with anyone that came around. In the drug equation, this positive side of PMS is a little bit like being on XTC. Despite the happy feeling, it can reinforce the feeling of abandonment when it turns out to be illusory.

How, then, do you deal with a brain that behaves as if it were on dope? Anyone who has ever “done” dope knows that it has such an influence on your brain that just deciding to behave or think differently won´t achieve anything at all. Attempts to behave differently can even be dangerous in the sense of holding yourself up to giant expectations and then “failing”.

The only way to beat our brain at its own game is to disengage from it – to take a step back, stand still (literally, sometimes) and observe. Like in the post I wrote about dysphoria, we observe our mind, the thoughts that are in it. Nothing else. We don´t try to think our way out of it and we don´t try to force it in a different direction. Instead, we move out of it.

More about that in my next post.


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