Pills & PMDD II


In my previous post about PMDD (you can find the link here), you witnessed my dilemma regarding the use of antidepressants. Antidepressants are frequently used for people who experience PMDD (mostly cisgender women). Other options for them are estrogen-based medication, and progesterone-based medication.

Estrogen based medication is something I don´t want to try. However, in the meantime I did “experiment” with antidepressants and with progesterone (under the watchful eye of my GP). Neither of those proved to be the miraculous cure for my monthly mood swings, sudden rage type thing. I´ll describe for you how it went.

The antidepressants (seroxat) I took for 2 days. Prior to starting testosterone, I had tried two other kinds of antidepressants, one tryclic and one SSRI. However, both resulted in acute urinary retention, which unfortunately went hand in hand with urinary incontinence (tension on the bladder can result in temporary stress incontinence).

If you are familiar with the amount of bottom dysphoria that I tend to have, you will understand that a mix of urinary retention & stress incontinence is pretty much the last thing I want to happen to me. So I quit after taking it for two days. Next up was a progesterone pill known as dydrogesterone (duphaston).

I was supposed to take dusphaston after Shark Week. I started on the lowest dose, but quite immediately my mood dropped, I felt anxious, was experiencing mind fog and anxiety – so again, I quit. The second chance to try it came around next month, but I wasn´t too sure it was helping. Also, I experienced galactorrhea*.

I guess you can conclude from all this that I won´t be using any medication, other than St Johnsworth (which helps with my mood, but not PMDD). Instead, I am experiencing my usual PMDD symptoms – the rage, the anxiety, the loss of confidence in myself. The last option I can pursue is to have an hysterectomy.

An hysterectomy is something I want, due to also wanting bottom surgery. However, in The Netherlands, PMDD is not a valid reason to undergo hysterectomy (it is in other countries, such as the UK). At the moment, I feel quite stressed out with the ways in which our national law tries to restrict access to much needed surgeries.

* If you are not sure what  this is, fire up your search engine.


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