7 Months on T


I guess I haven´t given you guys an update about testosterone in a long, long time. Not sure if I should apologize – after all there are many blogs out there where people document their exact changes month to month. Nevertheless here is an update for those of you who have been wondering if testosterone changed me at all since I wrote Three Months on T.

It´s hard to pinpoint any exact changes, since most changes that occur at this time are gradual. When you start T you often notice a boom of developments, where your voice starts dropping, hair starts growing, your mood gets better. The changes that are occurring now continue on the same trend, but are less noticeable, because they are now normal.

At 7 months on T my voice continues to drop – I notice the drop mostly when I laugh or when I try to raise my voice. It sounds completely awkward and I will sound hoarse when trying to call out to someone (and failing). With the exception of giggling I´m now always in male range (so I try not to giggle in public). Singing still isn´t going so well.

I am using biotin for hair growth. It has spurred some facial hair, which is coming in at a painstakingly slow pace – I now have a mixed blonde and light brown beard – and patchy areas where it has not connected yet. My left side burn is refusing to grow, which makes my face look ridiculous. I now have male pattern hair growth on the rest of my body.

My build changed fairly fast. At five months in, the hourglass figure had already started to fill in. It´s noticeably easier to get a “beer belly” and I have to train harder to still show some abs! In contrast to that, the muscles on my upper arms and shoulders have grown, and my lower arms are much chunkier compared to before.

When I had my blood levels checked, they showed that my testosterone levels rose considerably when compared to last time (four months on testosterone). Coincidentally, my estrogen levels plummeted – spurring terrible hot flashes that make me want to bathe in ice. Mood wise, I feel much better, and more stable, than I used to.


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