The Rent Mess


I usually use my blog to post about transition. The good, the bad. Transition however, takes time. And in that time, a whole lot of other stuff happens that you weren´t planning for. So if you are starting your transition – expect weird shit to happen. Anyway… my particular unplanned fiasco started in December.

As you know, I am paying for testosterone gel out of pocket since July of last year (2016). The stuff is terribly expensive – one carton of 30 packets (one month) costs 138 USD. If you buy batch (3 cartons), you pay about 300 USD. So I usually buy batch and I try to cut costs by using excess gel other trans guys still had lying around.

My income is not amazing in the first place, so when I had to start paying for gel too, along with my health insurance and sky-high rent, my bank account showed red credits a bit too often. And so I started to investigate the amount of rent my landlord was charging. As it turns out, I pay more than 115 USD above the legal limit for this amount of space.

I confronted my landlord about it, asked her politely to lower the rent. She said no. At first I just accepted her refusal, but after a while the lack of money was stinging me again, so I got stingy too. I requested she meet up with me and we discuss it. When she said she was short on cash herself, I offered to reduce the rent by just half of the excess amount.

She´d think about it, she said, but I never heard from her again. Two months passed, then I sent her a legal request to lower the rent per next month. Sadly, apparently, the legal request gives her two months to think it over. I feel royally screwed. If after two months she declines, I´ll have to start a legal procedure, taking another two months.

It´s driving me into a nervous breakdown – which in fact I just had tonight. I am typing this at 05:30 in the morning, hoping that typing it out will get me some peace of mind, and ease the process of sleeping. I am adamant about standing up for myself this time, after having been plucked by landlords in the past. But it costs so much energy.


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