Open Binding I


I´ve had a difficult relationship with breast tissue… forever. I adore it on women, but when it comes to my own body, I go to pretty dramatic extents to deny its presence. Back in 2013, when I hadn´t even heard of gender dysphoria, I already tried to band my chest using bandages. It wasn´t until much, much later that I discovered chest binders were a thing.

I wrote a review of underworks and GC2B chest binders here and here. However, even with the binder I have now and that works very well (the CG2B model), I have a problem where sleeping, showering, and sports are concerned. In any situation where I have to deal with having man-breasts, well, I panic. So I´ve been frantically looking for a solution.

About five months ago I discovered a guy on Tumblr who used KT Tape to bind with. I´ve since experimented with KT Tape – precut, uncut, different lengths, different methods.This post is to inform you of my experience with it and the discoveries that I´ve since made. For someone with a medium to small size chest, this type of binding works very well.

Nobody can discern that I have excess tissue if I just wear tape and a T-shirt, which is great. Two strips of the tape over either side of the chest suffice, although sometimes I use three on either side. If you want to get an idea of how you could use tape to bind, I´ve found an excellent tutorial (including pictures) on this webpage. They recommend not to wear it too long.

The makers of KT tape say that the maximum amount of time KT tape will last is five days. I´ve worn it for longer amounts of time, while also sleeping/showering/exercising with it. However your skin does sweat underneath the tape, which means that it will not be very happy if you leave it on for longer amounts of time, and start itching – I learned this the hard way.

Whether it´s bad for your skin to bind with KT tape on a daily basis, is unclear. The consensus in the community (where I´ve inquired) seems to be that your skin does lose some of its elasticity, the same way it does if you use regular binders for long amounts of time. The difference, is that your skin usually has some time to recuperate when you take the binder off.

Read the second part of this post here!


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