Open Binding II


In the first part of my post, I explained how I started using KT tape rather than regular binders to see how it would work out. Whether or not open binding is bad for your skin, probably depends on the way that you use the tape. The recommendation is not to leave it on for longer that five days, and to peel it off only according to the method the producer describes.

I would urge you to never (!) rip any tape off your skin. KT tape and other brands of tape are designed to adhere to your skin for days – their adhesive is very strong. Instead, slowly peel it off when you´ve taken a warm shower. If your skin still hurts when trying to lift it, apply some baby oil to it – let it sit for a good while – it´ll be easy to take off then.

My experience with taping over skin is good – it tends to peel off at the extremities (especially if you stretch those) but stays on really well, even when exposed to water or prolonged movement. However if you use multiple layers of the tape, you will find that it does not adhere very well to other layers. Parts of tape that touch other layers, tend to peel off more quickly.

Being 5 centimeter in width (1.96 inches), you usually need several strands to be able to bind the chest completely. For this reason I´ve been searching for other tape with a bigger width and discovered a different brand of kinesio tape called Rock Tape. It´s price tag is a little bit steeper than KT tape, but it comes at a width of 10cm (3.93 inches), so you would require less tape.

From reviews I´ve read, I learned that Rock Tape is thicker and sturdier than KT Tape. While it tends to stay on longer, the functionality and use is pretty much the same. Personally, I will replace the KT Tape with Rock Tape sometime soon and test if it´s a better choice for open binding.

The relatively good news is that I´ve fixed to see the surgeon next month! Regrettably there is a waiting list that now spans about six to eight months, so in the best case scenario, surgery (mastectomy + hysterectomy) wouldn´t take place until March 2018. In the meantime I´m still looking at opportunities with surgeons abroad.


4 thoughts on “Open Binding II

  1. Awesome! I’ll definitely try it out. That’s actually perfect for summer. I really want to wear tops without my binder showing. It’d give me so much for freedom. Thanks for sharing this and thanks for pointing this out on my comments!

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    1. Glad to help. It´s safe as long as you tape on either side – you don´t want to wrap your entire chest in it, it´s elastic so it will restrict your breathing if you do that. I actually talked to my surgeon about the tape and she said it was okay. Just take it off in time and give your skin time to recuperate once in a while 🙂

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