Transition update

much later

I´ve been so busy handling the “stuff” of life recently, that I barely got to telling you what´s up with the details of my transition, at this point. While I quit one gender team and had an intake with the third (third time´s the charm), I was busy scheming to somehow get surgery. Which is like attempting the impossible.

Surgery, just like getting hormones (from a doctor, rather than other resources) can only be achieved here with the authorization of a gender therapist, who has “observed” that you have gender dysphoria.  As you know I´ve had a lot of problems with this concept, and rage-quit two gender therapists thus far.

I met a few other people who were in a similar boat. Some of them were rejected by the gender therapist for not being binary “enough”, others (like me) disagreed with the methods that are used to “verify” a persons transgender status. We talked on social media and discussed ways to transition without a “gender team” *.

After having talked to a few people, who had managed to get top surgery without an incredible hassle, I got in touch with a surgeon who is financially independent from any gender  teams, and she has said that I might be able to get a peri-aureolar mastectomy either fall this year or spring next year. I get a phone call on Monday.

In the meantime, I spoke to yet another surgeon, who is a gynecologist and normally handles hysterectomy. Getting a hysto is very important for me, not just because I still get shark week (nine months on T), but because of the killer PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, the terrible sibling of PMS). However, he works for a gender team.

Unsurprisingly, after he talked to the gender team about it, they said no. I am not allowed surgery by one of their surgeons because I did not play by the rules. Yawn. The next step for me is to find a gynecologist who is willing to refer me to a surgeon because of the PMDD and the shark week. Chances of finding one are pretty slim.


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