Started Sustanon


Last year, July 23rd to be precise, I started Androgel. Although hormone levels staggered as they tried to knock each other out, the first weeks in particular were a rush of joy and new energy. It was awesome. On gel, my voice sunk (rather quickly), fat distribution began to change, and I grew hair just every-where.

I documented those changes in older posts, which I´ll link to below if you´d like to check them out. I was on gel for 10 months and 1 week. Despite the changes and my normal dosage (I was on 50mg), shark week and related hormonal issues never went away. It did become less disgusting, but emotional moodswings and dysphoria prevailed.

Since I am self-medicating and lack the insight of a savy endocrinologist, my only option is to sort of guess at what´s going on. After asking around plenty, I figured my testosterone levels where still on the low site and the estrogen in my system was fighting back hard to keep the internal plumbing going.

Considering that there were a couple of other guys who had had this issue, I decided to switch to injections. Injections are less stable than gel (with gel, you get the same amount of hormone each day), and so more prone to mood-swings, but I decided better to try it and risk it, than to never try it and keep guessing. So I tried.

My GP administered my first shot on June 1. It sucked a bit because my brain flips out whenever large needles are inserted into my skin. My blood pressure immediately dropped and my GP said to lie down, as my face was turning pale. As she was typing on her computer I wondered about the next injection.

The only change I have noticed this far is that sustanon stopped shark week in its tracks. At least, I think it did. There was some light spotting for two days, and that was it. Emotionally I felt just as shitty as before. But perhaps a couple of months of sustanon will even me out, who knows. It remains to be seen.

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