Transition in Pictures


It´s almost been a year on testosterone. I´ve experienced countless changes, among which changes that are immediately apparent and smaller changes that are not immediately apparent. The ones that are impossible to miss are in the amount of body hair, my voice, muscle mass, general mental stability and sexuality.

To guarantee the anonymity of my blog I will not be sharing any whole-body changes that include my face, but I´ve added a close-up of my “beard” and a picture of my chest, as well as legs and belly. Due to the KT tape I usually wear, my chest is shaven on the picture so you can´t see hair growth there.


I know, I don´t actually have a lot of chest going on, which explains why sometimes the dysphoria is manageable, although it hasn´t been manageable in quite a while. There´s people out there who unfortunately have more chest going on than me, and I hope they don´t begrudge me the fact that I get extreme dysphoria now and then.


Muscle wise, things are well defined. I was pretty muscular before and testosterone just accentuated them. My arms changed ever so slightly, if I work out I suppose I could increase the volume, but I don´t feel very confident working out as long as the chesticles are there. Thankfully they´ll be gone in 2018!


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