Let´s Talk Gynecomastia


Gynecomastia, a disorder of the endocrine system which causes an increase in male breast tissue, is usually attributed to cisguys. It is caused by an irregular amount of estrogen in the body, either due to a hormonal imbalance or the use of anabolic steroids (which will make the body produce estrogen in order to counteract testosterone).

I´m grateful for cisguys who speak up about this issue, because just like transmen, they deal with self-esteem issues, self-harm and even suicidal thoughts because of this. Many said they very much wanted to “shave off” their chest, and were too ashamed to take off their shirt or go swimming, some even having been ridiculed by women.

I´m glad that cisguys talk about this because they understand the ways in which even a benign condition, medically speaking, can destroy your confidence and turn your world upside down. Since my coming out, my experience is that there are people who tend to talk it down, even saying that “if they had breasts, they would not mind…”.

Obviously there are people with breasts who do not mind, and that´s fine. However it kind of bothers me when people who have no serious dysphoria tell me that if they were me, it would not be a big deal. You just have to love yourself, is what they say. Or it doesn´t matter if people judge you, as long as you cherish your own body.

Although such advice is probably well intended, I have a very hard time believing that these people have such superhuman levels of confidence that body-shaming and dysphoria would not faze them at all. I still to this day have to meet the person who is confident with everything while having dysphoria, trans or otherwise.

It´s encouraging to know that there´s cis folks out there who go through similar problems, that being trans isn´t about having unique problems that will just go away by upping your confidence. I say kudos to anyone who can love themselves despite it, and to the others; hang in there, this situation isn´t permanent.


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