Controversial Issues


It´s been a little while since I wrote. There are several reasons for this… there are many issues that I´d love to address, but they are controversial, and they are also deeply personal for me. Topics such as transgender identity versus mental illness; feminism and the men´s rights movement, the constant battle between liberals and conservatives.

Trans identity versus mental illness is a touchy topic for me; because I have experienced mental illness and I also happen to be trans. Feminism is a tricky topic for me, because I have directly witnessed violence against men at the hands of women; and I think that there are many flaws within modern western feminist thinking.

Liberal and conservative views are complicated for me, because while I have sided on the liberal side of things for the most part of my life, I find that as I am nearing my thirties, I am shifting more towards the political center. This puts me in direct conflict with some of my liberal friends and co-writers.

Topics such as these tend to divide people in different camps, pit people against each other, and results in terms such as “SJW´s” and “Snowflakes” for the same exact reason I am hesitant to actually dive into these matters. They are highly personal, people on both sides feel as though there´s a lot at stake.

Coupled with my on-and-off depression, this hostile atmosphere between “factions” (you could almost call them that) causes me to hold back and wonder whether discussing them at all will do any good. Like everyone else, I prefer to be happy and enjoy my life. At the same time, these topics are worth discussing.

Taking my own health into account, I´d like to think that I can explore these issues in relative sanity, from an informed point of view, without the use of derogatory terms, and without dividing people further. Whether I will succeed at all those things remains to be seen. Feedback and opinions on those future posts will be appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Controversial Issues

  1. I’ve experienced the same trepidation toward sharing at times, but more with regard to WHERE I share. I don’t have a problem sharing on my blog itself, or even on my personal facebook page for the most part (as I’ve muted/unfollowed/unfriended the most egregiously antagonistic people). But I have stopped sharing on google plus, as I get bombarded with negativity every time I post there. I am not likely to change a rapid right winger via a blog post. It’s like teaching the pig to sing: wastes your time and annoys the pig. Thanks for sharing, and I hope you’ll keep sharing even when it’s not easy…especially when it’s not easy!

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    1. I quit Facebook altogether, because I found that it would be impossible to make a difference there. The people I am friends with agree with me for the most part, and engaging in comment wars on other pages seemed like a waste of time…

      Blog posts probably don´t make a whole lot of difference either, simply because someone very conservative or with opposite views to mine is not likely to find my blog (or yours). But it´s a much better platform to explore ideas, I think 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

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