Feminism: Introduction


I have made an attempt to write about feminism in the past, but got stuck on the fact that I really did not know too much about it. That is to say: I took a few gender classes in the university, but most of the books I read and things we discussed sort of disappeared from my memory. There were more urgent things on my mind.

Recently, I stumbled upon a YouTuber called Liana K. She´s a gamer, a feminist, and also open to honest debate with people from both conservative and liberal camps. In discussing feminism, she draws a lot from debates revolving around video games. Since I´m also interested in video games, I took to watching her videos.

In 2016, Liana uploaded a series called “A Gamer´s Guide to Feminism“. In fourteen videos, she deals with different subjects. I thought it was insightful and much more relatable than any academic textbook or impersonal online article about the subject. Plus, to be honest, I am more into YouTube than I am into reading.

In my “introduction to feminism” I´ll be widely drawing from her video series. Although this approach may cause me to miss some themes the literature has to offer, I feel her analysis is rather comprehensive. If you feel that I am missing anything or am wrong at any point you are free to fill me in and leave a comment.

In my series, the focus is primarily about feminism and not so much about gaming. Therefore I´ll be focusing more on her explanation of feminist ideals and different waves of feminism, than I will focus on gaming. However, if you´re interested, I absolutely recommend that you go check her out.


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