Liebster Award (I)


So I heard about the Liebster Award for bloggers, but did not take the time to figure out what it was. Until now, since I was nominated for it by Sylveran, the author of cmofhappiness (go check out his blog!). The idea behind the award is to give more visibility to and discover great, yet somehow hidden blog gems in circulation.

In return for the nomination, you write one blog post about a blog that you love. I want to think about that one for a while, and will dedicate one of my next posts to this; in it I will also nominate some other blogs that I think are worth reading. In the meantime, I´ve been asked to answer ten random questions, so here we go!

1. What made me start my blog? 

My foremost reason would be simply my passion of writing. I´ve been writing since I was little, and started my keyboard journey on one of  those ancient, Windows ´95 systems. My motivation to write on Androgendernaut came from a desire to document my experiences and share them with people of similar experiences.

2. If I could change one thing about myself, what would it be? 

My answer is super predictable: I would change my body. I mean, I am in the process of doing so, but obviously it takes ages. I don´t know if I would change anything about my personality. Maybe the way I handle emotions. But overall I kind of like my personality, specially on days where I´m feeling good.

3. What is my favorite childhood memory? 

My childhood was kind of rough, so I´d say it´s complicated. But there is this one memory, where I and some children from the neighborhood went to “shoplift” grapes from a local vineyard. Yeah I know, not cool. But back then it was awesome. We ate until we were nauseous and were chased off the vineyard by an angry owner.

4. Five things about myself that I like

I like this question! I´m extremely analytical, which I like, because it means I can be critical of myself and of others, as long as I´m not too hard on them (and myself). I have a weird sense of humor and can laugh at myself (after the fact). Once I get to know them, I´m very good with people, and also, I chase my dreams like a madman.

5. My thoughts on forgiveness

I think forgiveness is an awesome thing, and something that people should aim for. In my experience, when we are exceptionally hard on ourselves, we also demand way more from others. The best attitude would be to forgive yourself (which applies also to forgiving yourself for being trans. I will elaborate on that in a later post).

6. Would I turn back time?

No way. If I went back in time, I would be considerably worse off. The achievements that I have made over the years mean that I am free to live life as I want (which is pretty amazing). I´ve made some mistakes in my life, but I have squared those with others and with myself. Carpe Diem!

7. If I could travel anywhere, which place would I choose? 

New Zealand, probably. Or Alaska. I like places that scream “adventure” and “great outdoors”. There is nothing like crisp air, and nothing like millions at stars at night, being able to see the Milky Way from end to end of the horizon. Best feeling ever. I see myself living in a place like that at some point.

8. My bad habits 

Plenty. This sort of touches the above, on forgiveness. I am not very good at forgiving myself and tend to have unrealistic demands or expectations. My comfort zone is certainly very comfortable, specially in times where everything is changing, like during transition.

9. Where do I see myself in ten years? 

On a plane, definitely. My transition behind me, I would love to have the liberty of exploring other parts of myself, and aviation is one of those. Ideally, I´d be living in a challenging place, full of fun outdoor stuff to do, and making a living out of it. Also, I would probably have a lot of cats.

10. What do I hate? 

Confinement and conformism. Every astrological prediction says that people with my sign should watch their tongues, because in their desire for sincerity, they can lack empathy. Being brutally honest is something I need, be it about by identity, or what´s on my mind.


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