I´m Not a Feminist


This might be the beginning of some of the most challenging posts I have written to this date. The reason for this is first: gender rights movements are a hairy subject – and second: it´s very difficult to talk about gender movements in non-binary terms. Intrinsically, they try to define groups, because you need an identity to fight for rights.

Naturally I´m curious what you think about this; I´m inviting you to discuss this with me in the comment section and leave your thoughts below. For the rest of these series, it might also be a good idea on my part to point out that I am not in denial about women´s rights (they definitely need to be there and they need representation) or anti-feminist.

However, I´m not so much pro-feminism either. In this post and the following in these series, I will try to explain why and attempt to explore (possibly with input from my readers) whether gender realities in our times are shifting and whether feminism really is the best tool to achieve cross-gender equality for everyone.

My main reason for not adhering to feminism is the reputation that precedes it. Feminism in itself is a very broad term, and though I understand that there are different waves of women´s rights movements (which I will try to explain later on), not everyone has gone to university and knows what the differences are (in fact I went and already forgot).

Additionally, feminism does not include men´s rights and I strongly feel that we need a movement in which men and women complement each other. By that I mean that in order for women to have gender equality, I feel that we should work on men´s equality too. They are not two different subjects: they are two sides of the same coin.

Third I feel that we are all aspects of both feminity and masculinity (none of us are completely bound by our assigned sex, regardless of cisgender, transgender, nonbinary or agender status). This ties into ideas of sacred feminity versus toxic masculinity, which again I will explore in a different topic.

As you can see the topic is really complex and layered, and it´s easy to lose yourself in an endless discussion about this without first deconstructing a few terms and looking at it from different angles. I will attempt to do just that in further posts, and I hope I won´t sound too boring or academic.