Get in Touch

If you´ve been on here and are a blogger, I´ve probably checked you out! I´m very interested in meeting the people who read my articles and in hearing about their story, LGBTQ+ or not. But I would also like to meet those visitors who aren´t bloggers. To that end I´ve set up androgendernaut on twitter (@androgendernaut).

I use Twitter to distribute my posts, but also to share any short suggestions, like links to LGBT/Trans* YouTubers and retweets of Trans* organizations and GP´s who work with transgender patients. If you are involved in the LGBT/Trans* community yourself or owner of a blog, I´d be happy to follow you back!

For any suggestions about my blog, or any questions (including those related to your transition) you can contact me by filling in the form below. I´ll be happy to read them, and though I am still a relative newbie in the world of transition (after one year), I´ll do my best to answer and/or respond to any messages sent to me.

Take care,