Why I write


Yesterday, one of my readers asked me why I write the stuff that I write. The topics I write about are varied – frequently they are about how I feel, and difficulties I experience within my transition. Other times they deal with broader topics, like transitioning with a health problem (physical or mental), or about the relationship between therapist and caretaker.

I frequently feel very strongly about the things that I write about. More than just a place where I come to have an opinion, my blog is also my safe haven: I come here to express my emotions. What this means for my posts is that sometimes they will express negativity, loathing, resentment (which are some of the issues I struggle with on a day to day basis).

By writing about these emotions, I can sometimes detach myself from them, and reflect on my own way of thinking and experiencing situations. For this reason I often come back to my own posts – it helps me understand myself, unravel my thoughts, and sometimes it helps me see that I might have been overly negative or afraid of a particular situation.

In this way, I can validate myself and my thoughts, develop new approaches to difficult situations. By implication, part of my blog exudes individuality and separateness. At the same time, by making my inner turmoil public, I think I might be able to help people who are going through similar turmoil, or who are wondering about similar questions.

Transition is very much about going from one place in your life to the next, and about personal change. This can be very difficult, and especially in cases where mental health is involved, involve rather discouraging self-talk. Nevertheless, transition is also about self discovery, achieving personal maturity, and growing towards a place of joy with the self and body.